Statement of purpose

The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust (RNA) is an acute Trust delivering inpatient and community based regulated activities for a population base of approximately 450,000 from two ‘locations’, Russells Hall Hospital (including a neighbouring outpatient facility on the site of the old, Guest Outpatient Centre) and Corbett Outpatient Centre. Its aim to ensure our patients are the recipients of high quality care pathways and their safety maintained.

Russells Hall Hospital

This is the inpatient hospital with over 700 beds. It provides the full range of medical and surgical inpatient services, together with an emergency centre, radiology (MRI and CT scanning), pathology, pharmacy, critical care, maternity, theatres and outpatient clinics. Supporting this hospital is the: Guest Hospital which offers additional outpatient facilities. In addition a small service is provided for private patients for minor procedures.

Supporting this hospital is the:

  • Guest Outpatient Centre which offers additional outpatient facilities.
Corbett Hospital Outpatient Centre

This hospital provides day case treatment together with a wide range of outpatient services including: radiology, pharmacy, gynaecology, women’s, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and the wheelchair service.

Community services

The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust operates a community nursing/multidisciplinary service. These services provide clinical care to patients who are acutely, chronically or terminally ill. Community nursing/multidisciplinary care is provided on the basis that the patient is unable to leave the house and therefore also unable to access other agencies for their care.

Regulated Activities

The table below identifies which activities are provided at each site (table 1), followed by the types of services delivered within the activity.

Service Location
Treatment of disease, disorder or injury Russells Hall Hospital
Corbett Hospital
Surgical Procedures Russells Hall Hospital
Corbett Hospital
Diagnostics and screening procedures Russells Hall Hospital
Corbett Hospital
Management of blood and blood derived products Russells Hall Hospital
Maternity and Midwifery Russells Hall Hospital
Termination of pregnancy Russells Hall Hospital
Services in slimming clinics Russells Hall Hospital
Transport services, triage, and medical advice provided remotely Russells Hall Hospital
Family planning services Russells Hall Hospital
Nursing care Russells Hall Hospital
Treatment of disease or injury

The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust provides a range of treatment for disease and injury to the whole population that is delivered by registered healthcare professionals. These include the following departments and specialties:

Service RHH Guest Corbett
Accident and Emergency Department
Community Nursing Services
Community Multidisciplinary Services (podiatry, physiotherapy, Audiology, dermatology, ear, nose and throat, Occupational therapy, palliative care)
Children’s and neonatal
Critical Care / high dependency units
Diabetes and endocrinology
Emergency Admissions Unit
Genito Urinary Medicine / family planning
General rehabilitation
Head and Neck including ENT and maxillofacial
Level 3 stem call transplantation
Obsterics and gynaecology
Older persons and stroke
Oncology and clinical haematology
Palliative care
Renal medicine
Respiratory medicine
Rheumatology and pain management
Therapy services including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, Speech and language therapy, audiology
Trauma and Orthopaedics
Treatment of disease or injury

We provide emergency and elective surgical procedures for the whole population. The full range of surgical services offered from Russells Hall Hospital and day case only from Corbett Hospital Outpatient Centre. These services include a comprehensive range for both emergency and elective surgical procedures:

Service RHH Guest Corbett
C section – emergency and planned
Head and neck including ENT and Maxillofacial
Podiatry (community services)
Treatment of disease or injury

We provide to the whole population diagnostic and screening services including;

Service RHH Guest Corbett
Imaging (through x-rays, ultrasound and MRI)
Histopathology, biochemistry, haematology, microbiology, cytology, immunology
Medical measurement for cardiology and respiratory systems
Management of blood and blood derived products

Blood Bank at Russells Hall Hospital have a service level agreement in place with West Midlands Private Hospital for provision of their pre-transfusion testing and provision of any blood components that may be required for their patients.

Maternity and midwifery services

Our maternity and midwifery services are located in Russells Hall Hospital and consist of antenatal clinic with ultrasound scanning and a day assessment unit. Seven consultant obstetricians lead the care of women with high risk pregnancies, while community midwives manage the care of the women deemed to be low risk. Intrapartum care for all deliveries is provided by midwives based in the maternity unit. The maternity unit has close links with the paediatric service for the provision of neonatal care and the anaesthetic team for provision of pain relief and management of women with serious pregnancy complications. The service also comprises a full community midwifery service. There is a dedicated team who support new mothers with breastfeeding in hospital and the community.

Termination of pregnancies

Termination of pregnancies is only performed for foetal abnormality and in life threatening conditions for the mother.

Services in slimming clinics

We provide dietary assessment, provision of advice or pharmaceutical intervention to our whole population, to individuals who need to lose weight. This is offered to promote an individuals safety, improve quality of life and/or part of the treatment regime for their medical condition.

Transport services

Our podiatry service has an ambulance that picks patients up and transports them to clinics across the borough for treatment before taking them home. These patients would otherwise be unable to access the service at a clinic or health centre and therefore may have a longer wait for a domiciliary appointment.

Family Planning services

The Aim of this service is to provide a holistic contraceptive and sexual health service by providing a wide range of free comprehensive contraceptive health care for male and female clients of all ages including diagnosis and choice of treatment.

Nursing Care

We provide a range of services delivered by nurses to the whole population both in the acute and community setting. In addition to treatment of disease and disorder we provide health promotion. For example, smoking cessation, breast awareness, breastfeeding, skin awareness.

Service provider details
Service Provider The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust
Chief Executive Ms Diane Wake
2nd Floor, South Block
Russells Hall Hospital
Pensnett Road
West Midlands
(01384) 456111
CQC Registration Registered 1st April 2010 without conditions
Trust Headquarters 2nd Floor, South Block
Russells Hall Hospital
Pensnett Road
West Midlands
Location 1 Russells Hall Hospital
Pensnett Road
West Midlands
Location 2 Guest Outpatient Centre
Tipton Road
West Midlands
Location 3 Corbett Outpatient Centre
Vicarage Road
West Midlands
Trust contact details Telephone: (01384) 456111)