Acute Medical Unit

Acute Medical Unit (AMU)

The Acute Medical Unit (AMU) in Russells Hall Hospital consists of Emergency Assessment Unit (EAU), Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC), formerly known as GP Assessment Unit and Short Stay Ward (Ward C8).

EAU is located on the ground floor next to A&E and has 18 trolley bays and 2 side rooms. The AEC is located next to EAU and consists of eight beds and eight trolley assessment areas along with two triage rooms. The short stay ward (C8 on the second floor) consists of three stations with eight beds and four side rooms in each station. In total there are 24 beds and 12 side rooms on C8.
The main role of AMU is to provide you with rapid definitive assessment, investigation and treatment if you are admitted as an emergency from the Emergency Department, and/or you are referred by your GP or other clinics.

The EAU operates closely with the Emergency Department and admits patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The AEC is open from 8:00 to 19:00 and GPs can refer you directly to the unit.  ED can also refer you to the AEC if you are an ambulatory patient (walking patient not requiring inpatient admission) to accelerate y0ur treatment and discharge by bypassing ED admission.

You will stay on the EAU for up to 48 hours, during which time the consultant-led AMU team will instigate a management plan for you.  There are consultant-led continuous reviews after you have been seen by a junior doctor from 8:00to 21:00 in EAU and AEC, seven days a week including bank holidays. If you need specialty input, you will be seen in  EAU by staff with different specialties. Senior led respiratory, cardiology and gastroenterology ward rounds occur on a daily basis in the mornings in AMU.

Following treatment on the AMU, you may be well enough to be discharged or, if you need further inpatient specialist care, you will be transferred to an appropriate ward.


Following your discharge home, an electronic discharge summary is sent to the your  GP giving details of investigations and treatment on the unit, with details of medication changes, medications on discharge and any recommendations for follow up and referrals.
There are daily HOT clinics done by acute medicine consultants and registrars to follow up if you need a further urgent review after discharge.

Team of doctors: 

The AMU consists of 10 full-time consultants

  • Dr Hassan Paraiso (Medical Service Head)
  • Dr Mohan Thomas
  • Dr Snigdhendu Mandal
  • Dr Randa Abasaeed-Elhag
  • Dr Anirban Chakraborty

Specialist registrars

AMU has two trainees in acute medicine and three senior clinical fellows as part of their rotation. We provide special sessions in Echocardiogram for the trainees to help them meet the specialist skill for completion of their training. Trainees can also gain experience in Medical HDU along with any other specialties of interest including cardiology, respiratory, renal, diabetes and stroke medicine as part of their curriculum. The trainees are not part of General Internal Medicine on call but have their own rota covering AEC.

Junior doctors

AMU has junior doctors in various stages of their training including FY1, FY2, Core Medical Training (CMT), Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) trainees and Trust doctors. We have two physician assistants and one trainee physician assistant in our department.

Key staff