Our private skin lesion service is run by The Dudley Group’s plastic surgeons and offers you efficient, safe, consultant delivered treatment for many procedures, including those no longer being treated on the NHS.

Your consultant will explain the benefits and risks of your procedure, and your suitability for treatment, at your consultation.

You need to be fit and healthy to be accepted as a private patient in our skin lesion service. This means if you have any underlying health issues, you may not be suitable for treatment. Your consultant will advise you during your initial consultation.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept patients on warfarin into the private skin lesion service because of potential bleeding complications.

You will be given information about your post operative care.

What skin conditions will we treat?

Benign tumours:

  • moles
  • seborrhoeic warts
  • papillomas
  • small vascular lesions
  • spider naevi
  • solar keratosis
  • sebaceous cysts
  • lipomas

Malignant tumours:

  • basal cell carcinomas
  • squamous cell carcinomas (primary)
  • suspected malignant melanomas

Other skin lesions:

  • tattoos
  • torn earlobes
  • keloids
  • small scar revisions
  • localised acne scars

non-surgical treatments:

  • Botox injections for excessive sweating
  • Surgical treatments
  • excision
  • biopsy
  • shave excision
  • curettage
  • small skin grafts
  • local flaps

Clinic times

The clinics run on Tuesday evenings at Russells Hall Hospital’s Day Surgery Unit between 5.30pm and 8pm.
Making an appointment

Your GP can refer you into the Care Plus Private Skin Lesion Service.

You will need a consultation before treatment to discuss your condition and all of the options open to you. Consultations are normally completed within two weeks of your referral with treatment following shortly after.
Your GP will be kept informed of your treatment and progress.

You can also refer yourself into the service. Between 9am and 5pm telephone (01384) 456111 and choose extension 3645.
After 5pm, please leave a voicemail message and a member of our skin lesion team will phone you back within normal working hours.

Cancelling an appointment

If you cannot attend your appointment for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible on (01384) 456111, extension 3645 so that we can reallocate your appointment to another patient.

If you cancel an appointment 24 hours prior to, or on the day of, your appointment, you may be liable for any costs incurred in setting up your appointment.

Pricing and payment

Costs start from £335 and are competitive and all inclusive with no hidden extras. You will receive one bill for your outpatient appointment consultation, procedure and/or follow up where appropriate.
Your consultant will let you know how much your treatment will be during your initial consultation.
The antibiotic ointment and additional dressings will be part of the all inclusive cost and will be given to you after your procedure. However, any other drugs will be included on a private prescription and these charges are not included in the private treatment fee.

Agreement to pay form

An invoice will be sent to you following your consultation and/or treatment. You will be asked to sign an Agreement to Pay form and this will be sent to you with your appointment letter.
This is a contract with the hospital and confirms you are legally responsible for payment of all hospital charges relating to your treatment. You will need to complete all relevant details on this form and bring it with you to your appointment.

At your appointment, you will be notified of the cost of treatment. This notification and the Agreement to Pay form will need to be signed and witnessed to enable us to proceed with your consultation and/or treatment.
Private medical insurance

You will be asked to arrange for pre-authorisation with your insurance company prior to any treatment. If pre-authorisation is not obtained by yourself, or your insurance company refuses to settle the charges in full, you will be legally liable for any charges still owed to the Trust.

Methods of payment

We accept cash, cheque, credit or debit card via our General Office.

MRSA screening

During your consultation you will be screened for MRSA. This is in line with the Department of Health’s policy and forms part of The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust’s programme to reduce healthcare associated infections.
Approximately three per cent of the population carry MRSA harmlessly in the nose. If you are found to be a carrier of MRSA, you will be offered treatment prior to your procedure.
The screenings will involve swabs being taken from your nose and groin area. It is not necessary for you to bring a urine specimen with you to this appointment.

Directions to the private skin lesion clinic

The skin lesion clinic is held in the Day Surgery Unit on the first floor at Russells Hall Hospital.
Enter the hospital via the main entrance, go past the shop and restaurant on your right and, at the main hospital corridor, take the lift or staircase to the first floor.

Turn right and go through two sets of open double doors. The Day Surgery Unit is on the right-hand side. You are asked to report to the reception desk.


We offer courtesy parking at Russells Hall Hospital for our private patients.
Your appointment letter will include a four digit access code which you will need to use at the barrier to the car park to gain entry to private patient parking.

You will also receive a map of the hospital indicating the location of the courtesy parking facilities along with directions to the clinic for your outpatient appointment consultation, procedure and/or follow up.
If you are a Blue Badge holder, please contact the skin lesion team on (01384) 456111 extension 3645 for further advice.