Specialist services

Some women, such as those with long-term conditions, need more specialist care during pregnancy from our specialist midwives and teams.

Specialist clinics

Our specialist clinics run at the same time as routine appointments so you do not need to make multiple visits.

Diabetes clinic For pregnant women with diabetes and other endocrine problems.

Haematology clinic For pregnant women with blood conditions.

VBAC  (vaginal birth after caesarean section) clinic For women who have previously had a caesarean section to discuss delivery options for this pregnancy with a senior midwife.

Anti D clinic For women whose blood group is Rh negative.

Consultant anaesthetist clinic For women with potential anaesthetic problems to discuss and plan for birth.


Specialist midwives

We have a number of specialist midwives:

Bev Tinsley Specialist Midwife for Vulnerable Women

Tracy Sullivan – Specialist Midwife for Substance Misuse

Emma Paul – Specialist Midwife for Long-term Conditions

Pat Hackett – Specialist Midwife for Practice Development

Lisa Williams – Specialist Midwife for Infant Feeding

Cleo McKenzie – Specialist Midwife Screening Coordinator

Tammy Ralphs – Deputy Specialist Midwife for Screening



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