Triage is an area on the Maternity Ward used for assessment of women who are over 20 weeks of pregnancy. If you need help or advice before 20 weeks of pregnancy please contact your midwife, GP or go to Accident and Emergency Department; you may then be referred to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic.

You should call Triage if:

  • You think you are in labour and are having regular painful contractions
  • Your waters break
  • You have any vaginal bleeding
  • You have any concerns about your pregnancy
  • You are worried about your baby’s movements

If you think you are in labour and booked under the care of your midwife, you should inform the Triage midwife. When you telephone you may be transferred to the MLU or asked to attend the MLU when you arrive. Following assessment, if you are not considered to be in established labour, you may be advised to return home and wait for the contractions to become longer and stronger before you return. The comfort of your own home is widely regarded as the best place to be during the early stages of labour.