Organ Donation

At The Dudley Group we aim to ensure that organ donation is offered to all families of patients who are at the end of their life, and where organ donation is possible.

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Meet the team
Miss Rebecca Timmins – Specialist Nurse for Organ Donation. Ext 3346
Dr Julian Sonksen – Clinical Lead for Organ Donation. Ext 2207
Dr Rajan Paw – Clinical Lead for Organ Donation. Ext 2211

We believe that it is good practice for the option of organ donation to feature as a usual part of end of life care for patients dying in Critical Care and, in some circumstances, the Emergency Department.

The organ donation committee at The Dudley Group meet every three months to ensure all families are given the choice of donation and look at ways to improve this service.

The committee consists of Chairman, Steve Waltho, and staff from Theatres Department, End of Life Team, Chaplaincy, Renal Unit, Critical Care and Emergency Department.

The specialist nurse for organ donation is on site at Russells Hall Hospital to provide support, advice and information for families who wish to consider donation, and will support staff throughout the Trust who have any questions about donation.

How to speak to the 24 hour on call specialist nurse for organ donation

Contact the Midlands Organ Donation Services Team long range pager on 07659137821 for advice and information for a person who wants to donate their organs for transplant after their death.

How to speak to the on call nurse for tissue donation

People who die in hospital, at home or in the community may be able to donate their tissues up to 24 hours after their death. Some of the tissues that can be donated are corneas, heart valves, bone, tendons and skin. For further information visit the Tissue Donation page.