Sexual Health (Community)

The Dudley Group Contraception & Sexual Health Service offers free and confidential advice and support for both women and men on a wide range of issues.

Note: We no longer offer Cervical Screening (Smear Test) appointments at any of our clinics. If you have received a letter inviting you for cervical screening, please contact your registered GP for an appointment.

The community clinics offer a range of contraception services including:

  • Contraception advice and provision
  • Condoms
  • Emergency contraception
  • HIV point of care (one minute result)
  • Implants
  • Contraceptive Pills
  • Depo Injections
  • IUS or IUD (coils)
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Chlamydia screening programme
  • Referrals to sexual health clinic or other services were appropriate

Need emergency contraception? This is free at all our clinics

What are the three methods of emergency contraception?

  • The IUD (intrauterine device or coil) is the most effective method and can be fitted up to five days after sex
  • The emergency contraceptive pill Levonelle can be taken up to three days (72 hours) after sex
  • The emergency contraceptive pill ellaOne can be taken up to five days (120 hours) after sex

Worried you may be pregnant?

  • We can do a pregnancy test for you
  • We can provide advice if you are unsure what to do about your pregnancy
  • We can arrange for an appointment for you to discuss your pregnancy options

We can provide advice if you are unsure what to do about your pregnancy, but if you have decided on a termination and do not want to be seen by the nurse and wish to self-refer you can contact British Pregnancy Advisory Service on 03457 304030 for a pre termination appointment if you wish. And state that you wish to be seen at the Breirely Hill BPAS clinic.

How can I get an HIV test?

We offer the HIV point of care test.

What does the test involve?

We will take a spot of blood from pricking one of your fingers . The result is available within a few minutes in the clinic. However, it can take up to several weeks longer after you have been infected with HIV for the virus to show up in the blood spot tests so you may be asked to have the test repeated. If you are concerned you may have been infected with HIV within the past few weeks then it is best to have the full blood test for HIV at our Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM) clinic, based at Russells Hall Hospital.

If a HIV test kit is used and the results are positive, then this result will need to be confirmed using a full blood test at our GUM clinic. All positive test results should be confirmed with another blood test.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything you are not sure about, we are here to help you.

STI Testing

We offer:

  • Under 25 chlamydia screening – self swab for females, urine for males. No examination required. (Chlamydia Screening program)
  • HIV Point of Care Testing (1 minute result)

If you have symptoms, are a contact of an infection, need treatment or require full sexual health testing you will need to attend our other site at Russell’s Hall Hospital GUM clinic.

Contraception Services

Booked and walk in appointments are available for all aspects of contraception and advice. Please Note: To avoid disappointment we advise if you plan to walk in please call on the day. Walk in patients will be seen on a first come first served basis. Depending on availability you may not be seen at that time but will be offered an appointment for another day. Patients under 25 are welcome at all our clinics.

We do not discriminate regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

Clinic Times

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This service is available at:
  • Community Health & Social Care Centres
Where to find us
  • Central Clinic, Hall Street, DY2 7BX
  • Brierley Hill Health & Social Care Centre, Venture Way, DY5 1RU
  • Halesowen Health Centre, 14 Birmingham Street, B63 3HN
Telephone numbers
  • (01384) 321480

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  • Community Services and Integrated Care