Work experience

The Trust is able to offer work experience placements for people considering a career within an acute hospital setting. The criteria to be considered for a placement is that the individual attends a school/college or resides in the Dudley Borough area or has a close relative that works for the Trust.

The aim of each placement is to provide students with an opportunity to gain experience of working in a healthcare setting, giving students an introduction to the ‘world of work’, including working conditions and attendance management.

Work experience is unpaid. The length of the placement should be agreed with individual departments/wards and all placements are offered subject to departmental discretion dependent on the needs of the service and relevant clearances. However, placements offered are for a maximum of a one week block and no ongoing placements are available.

In order to organise the placement and process the necessary paperwork, please allow a minimum of four months notice.

Note This does not apply to those who are interested in the Medical Work Experience programme.

Contact details

If you would like to arrange a work experience placement and meet the criteria stated above, please write to the relevant contacts below. In your letter, please include:

  • The type of placement you would like (for example, the profession and the possible work area/department if known);
  • Proposed dates (try to be as flexible as possible); and
  • The desired placement length (the majority of placements are for a maximum of one week only, unless otherwise stated)

Maternity – Students in years 10 and above

Andrea Batty
2nd Floor East Wing
Russells Hall Hospital

Radiography – One day observation placement for students interested in pursuing a career in radiography

Sarah Warren
Ground Floor West Wing
Russells Hall Hospital

Therapy Services – Career information days

Therapy Services holds careers information days, click here for more information.


Please see the Ron Grimley Undergraduate Centre website for work experience information.